“Each individual is born with unique propensities, is grown in a certain environment, taught particular beliefs, going through different life situations and has specific physical condition. To understand and help someone with behavioral health, our evaluation and treatment need to be highly customized and as diverse as the causes.”

Ebrahim Hazany M.D.

“Dr. Hazany is a UCLA /SFV trained psychiatrist with internal medicine background and training who has been working in east Ventura area since 1998. First, he started only as an inpatient psychiatrist at Los Robles Hospital but gradually developed an out patient practice in Westlake Village.

“ He started working in Ventura County when he still was involved in different hospitals as medical director and attending physician in San-Fernando valley. Since 2003, because of his successful and fast growing practice in Conejo Valley, he decided to work exclusively in this area as out patient psychiatrist and also at Los Robles Hospital as attending physician and psychiatric consultant.

“During his twelve years of psychiatric solo practice despite his success, Dr, Hazany continued to insist that an isolated practice that is limited to one point of view and a single modality of treatment is “incomplete”. Finally, in 2006 he was able to fulfill his long time dream by founding a comprehensive and multi-modality evaluation and treatment center in Newbury Park that was called C.O.P.E.